At Fantazja Portrait, our goal is to ensure that your personality shines through your images. We work very closely with you to determine theme, outfit and design to provide the best result possible. We want to bring your imagination to life.

Your fantasy session is all about you! We will consult with you before your shoot to find out exactly what you’re looking for. We will advise you as to what should be worn, and we can help you find any outfit or prop you are looking for.

Sessions are usually held in our fully appointed downtown High River Studio. All of our equipment is mobile, and we can accomodate you in a location of your choice.

When you enter the studio, you will be escorted to the chaning area, where you will be able to get into your chosen outfit, and do any repairs to hair and makeup. Before you begin, you will be given access to our prop storage to see if there is anything you think would fit with your session.

Then we begin! We shoot in our studio, on a plain white or grey backdrop. Sometimes, we use powerful fans to provide movement in hair and clothing. We will take several shots during your session. Sessions are generally quite relaxed in informal.

After your session is complete, our digital darkroom magic begins! We use a variety of editing programs (like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Corel Painter) along with several stock images to create your master piece!

ppoc_logo_national-blackHi, my name is Karyn Lee!

I hold my Craftsman of Photographic Arts designation from the Profressional Photographers of Canada. I am also Nationally Accredited in 5 categories, and a qualifed Image Competition Judge for PPOC Provincial Competitions. I have been a professional photographer for 9 years, and work on various locations and projects throughout Southern Alberta. I primarily work as a corporate photographer in Calgary, and have worked with various local businesses and celebrities.

Fantazja Portrait was born out of a need to free my inner artist. Fantazja, a Polish word for Fantasy, is a call to my heriage as proud Polish-Canadian. I love working on corporate jobs and film sets, but I missed the intimacy of getting to know a client in a smaller setting. Fantazja Portrait sessions allow me to really get to know a client on a personal level to help them achieve their dreams through imagery.

I currently live in High River with my wonderful husband Cody, and young daughter Audrey. We have two dogs, two cats and a horse. Our family eats, sleeps and breathes hockey. I enjoy crafting and very often invest a lot of time into creating elaborate props for sessions.